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Magpul® Helix Eyewear

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Versatile, ballistic-rated sunglasses with premium features
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We designed our line of Magpul Eyewear to provide the premium features, superior optical quality, and appealing style you’d expect from popular brands that sell for significantly more. Every pair has ballistic impact protection built in to protect you from the unexpected, and their durable construction ensures they’ll stand up to anything you can throw at them. And they do it all at a cost that’s half or less than other premium brands.

The Magpul Helix is designed to support your active lifestyle in all conditions by providing superior clarity, contrast, and impact protection whenever you need it. No matter what you’re up to, the rimless design gives you an uncompromised field of view, breathability, and professional-grade eye protection.

The Helix excels in humid or wet environments where moisture and condensation cause normal lenses to fog or collect water. Its lens and frame design sheds sweat and moisture, keeping your field of view clear. The interchangeable lens system also allows the wearer to transition to lower-light operations with a clear lens or facilitates easy replacement of the lenses when needed.

Like most of our eyewear line, the Helix is ballistic rated to Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standards, and the lightweight frames are constructed of TR90 for strength, flexibility, and impact protection.

Comes with a black DAKA Can storage case and a Magpul Lens Bag made with lens-safe cleaning material.

Helix Replacement Lenses are available in all Helix lens and mirror combinations.



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